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Online shop

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PHP, Javascript

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Develop & Maintain

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With over 45 years of tradition and innovation, BottegaVerde is the no. 1 brand in Italy for natural cosmetic products, being present in over 20 countries.


Build a custom online shop on a legacy custom made platform.

This is a real challenge! For any developer to take control on legacy custom made software, and for any product owner to find developers ready and capable to do this job.


Using a custom framework, pre-existing and owned by, ControlF5 built a complete eCommerce solution, with independent modules, integrated and streamlined for the company's flows.

Back-office solution

Tools needed to completely manage shop content – manage products and their specifications, categories, brands, landing pages as well as the entire nomenclature system.

Tools and integrations used in the marketing process – manageable banners, gift system, configurable vouchers, newsletter, donation system, reviews, dashboard and reporting system.

Managing data flow for integration with various aggregation and automated marketing platforms

Section for managing the entire flow of commands

Integrated invoicing solution with external application

Generate, manage deliveries and integrate with courier operators applications

Cash flow management through integration with external payment processors

Online shop clients management module

A solution for generating and managing returns

Integration with the main marketplaces on the Romanian market

Module used to import and update data (products, stocks, categories etc.)

Managing users and access rights for the backend section.

How we worked

This project was built on a long period of time, with gradually launched functionalities and modules, based on market feedback and in pace with the growth of the business and its marketing strategy.

Being built on a custom PHP framework with a monolitic architecture, 2 full-stack developers and 1 QA tester were involved.

The communication between the client and the development team was on our Project Manager responsibility.

Agile – Kanban was the way of doing the development process, with periodically releases in production and feedback sessions.


Working with BottegaVerde since it first launched on the Romanian market, we have developed a complete eCommerce platform capable of meeting the company’s needs and offering customers a simple and fast way to enjoy brand products.

ControlF5 is still a trusted partner for BottegaVerde, developing new functionalities while providing support and maintenance services for the smooth running of applications.

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