First step

Make the plan

At the end of this phase you will get a deliverable describing the solution in terms of functionalities, high level architecture and technology stack. It also includes a rough estimation of effort for each component to be built, in order to have an initial vision regarding timeframe and costs.
It may include wireframes, data models structure, infrastructure architecture and other mockups to describe the solution that needs to be built in terms of technical aspects.

1. Business analysis

Ask questions. Understand the pains your product needs to solve and collect information.

2. Solution design

Research, define user stories, draw wireframes and mockups, choose the technology stack. Review.

Code writing part

Design, develop and test

This is the part where we write code to implement your product based on the features and the documents resulted in the previous step.
For this purpose we build a dedicated software development team formed out of developers skilled in technologies needed. Depending on the needs of each project we can include in the team other various roles such as testers, UI/UX experts, DevOps engineers. The development process will be managed by a Project Manager.
We work in 2 weeks sprints and deliver small increments of your product in order for you to validate and test developed features.

2. Form the team

Create a dedicated team of developers and testers to implement the solution.

3. Write the product backlog

Write detailed user stories to describe the features and functionalities.

4. Refine estimation

The developers team estimate effort to implement each story.

5. Establish a release plan

Based on new estimations make a roadmap and plan releases and milestones.

6. Create sprint backlog

Select a list of features to be implemented in the next 2 weeks.

7. Code, test, deliver, review

Here is where the magic happens. We code and test and at the end of the sprint we deliver the implemented features. Together with you, we review the result and plan the next sprint.

8. Release and deploy

We now have a version ready to go live! After launching we are ready to step into the next phase.

Last step


Adjust, add new features and offer support.

Your product is now alive and kicking. You want to adjust some features or add new ones. Or maybe you want support on using specific modules of your product.
Even if your product has been built by us or by another team, we can offer you this service on a long term.