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Mobile development

Mobile applications can be classsified based on their type and on their functionality.

A mobile application or simply called an app, is a type of software application designed to run on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet device.

Our are of expertise cover mobile applications development and below you can see a detailed presentation of type, benefits and how we work to develop this kind of software.

Native Applications

Are smartphone applications coded in specific programming language (Swift for iOS or Java for Android).

They provide fast performance, a high degree of reliability and have access to phone's various functions (camera, address book etc).

They are more expensive to develop because developers need to make duplicate versions for each platform.

Cross-platform Applications

Cross platform applications are mobile applications developed to function for multiple mobile platforms, but built on a single-source code.

It means you can release the product faster and with better quality.

Its rapid development, turnaround time, and cost-effective quality make it very suitable for startups and MVPs.

Progressive Web Applications

Or PWAs, are software applications delivered through the web, built using common web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WebAssembly).

They work both on desktop and mobile devices. It is a valid alternative for developing both a web application and mobile applications, especially when trying to build an MVP for a broader audience.

Why mobile applications

Benefits of mobile applications

Mobile applications provide a whole range of business advantages.

Mobile apps are faster

Way faster than mobile websites or web applications. Even a slight lag can cause massive loss in terms of customer discontent.

Online and offline capacities

Users can consume content quickly via storing vital data that can be accessed offline. Ability to work offline is a one of the differences between an application and a website.

Access to device features

Apps can ask permission to access the camera, location service, payment gateways, etc. Also, can leverage notification functionalities and security measures to provide quality service.

Instant updates and notifications

Push notifications are a great way to drive users into customers. They are received on devices regardless a user opens an app or not

Reach a broad audience

A mobile application is also another channel to reach out and communicate with your customers.

Branding Opportunity

From the design component to communication strategy mobile apps can help improve brand recognition.

The process

How we work

A tested process for any product.

Our main goal is to maximize the customer’s return on investment (ROI) by creating working software quickly and responding to changing requirements.

Case Studies

Some projects developed by us with mobile development component

Team Augmentation

Team Augmentation and Consultancy for A SaaS Company

We onboarded a dedicated team of full stack developers to join their existing and undersized team.
Web & Mobile Application

Online Road Tax Payment Platform

Create a new and modern version of the old platform including existing services and adding new features for end customers.
, ,
UI / UX Design
Software Testing
PHP, Javascript, Cordova, HTML, CSS, MySQL


We use the following technologies to build mobile applications

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