Suite of Applications for Fintech Trading Company

We developed and maintain a comprehensive suite of applications for Investimental, a leading financial services company in Romania. We created a robust digital ecosystem encompassing a web portal for onboarding and account management, a back-office solution for administrative control, a presentation website, and a learning management system with integrated gamification features. Our dedicated team of over 10 professionals invested more than 11,000 hours to bring this project to life, ensuring seamless integration with external services and continuous enhancement through iterative development and support
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Investimental is a financial services company that offers a range of investment solutions including stocks, bonds, and ETFs.

They provide a platform for both individual and corporate clients to engage in investment activities, with a focus on responsible and informed investing.

The company emphasizes financial education through its InvestiMentor program, offering users comprehensive guidance in trading and investment strategies. Additionally, Investimental facilitates corporate finance by helping companies secure funding and connecting them with potential investors.

Solution Components

There are 5 main components which we worked on for Investimental all of them being part of the Investimental digital ecosystem.

The clients follow a multi-step onboarding and identity verification process. They can manage their profile, personal and fiscal data, documents, account security, portfolio, deposits and withdrawals.
Back-office Solution
The back-office solution built provides the administrators complete visibility and control accross all business areas.
Made from scratch design by our agency with on point specifications from our client, the website provides information about the company, their services, the learning programs and ways to contact support.
We have implemented a LMS that integrates with the back-office solution. We developed custom functionalities like commission discounts based on the learning activity or a gamification system.
Backend Systems
Backend logic for the frontend applications, backend processes and specific integrations with external and third party services.
Web Portal

The role of the web portal is to onboard new clients and to provide a single point of access to a variety of services and tools for clients existing clients, like account management, investment portfolio, money management, access to trading platforms, customer support, security and compliance.

Web Portal

Account Opening

  • Onboarding and KYC process
  • Identity Validation
  • Documents Generation
  • Account Validation

Investment Portfolio

  • Aggregated Portfolio
  • Evolution and Distribution Charts
  • Asset Transfer
  • Multi Accounts

Money Management

  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals
  • Transfers


  • Activity
  • Tax Obligations

Account Management

  • Security Settings
  • Profile Data


  • Trading Apps
  • Mentor (LMS)

The Website

The website provides information about the company, their services, the learning programs and ways to contact support. It serves as the public face of the company, aiming to inform, engage, and convert visitors.

The Website
The Website

Website Key Features

  • Custom Design
  • CMS with Full Content Control
  • Custom Icons System
  • Google Web Vitals Performance
  • Integration with Web Portal
  • Integration with Marketing and Sales Tools
The Website

Learning Management System

  • Courses and Quizzes
  • Integration with Web Portal
  • Special Commissions System
  • Gamification System
Back-office and Backend Systems
Bucharest Stock Exchange Integration

Global Trading Platform Integration

Backend Financial Software Integration

Back-office Solution to View and Control Specific Business Areas

Admin Account Management with Complex Permission and Roles Schema

Backend Processes and Orchestrators

AWS CI / CD Complex Infrastructure

How We Worked

Like in every new project, initial meetings were conducted in which we learned about Investimental, the future product. We met the client’s team, understood the product requirements, the pains and challenges.

Short after that, an initial team is formed, responsible for the first steps of the new project: a Business Analyst, a Software Architect, UI/UX Designer and a Project Manager.

The project progressed, so various elements began to take shape: wireframes, user stories, documentation from third parties, research for different solutions, consulting, initial software architecture, selection of technology stacks, data modeling, and estimations.

With these preparations complete, we started the development phase of the initial version. Four developers joined the team, and we began to move forward in an Agile manner.

As the solution grew in complexity, we expanded our team to include eight developers and QA engineers, in addition to the UI/UX designer and the Project Manager.

A few months in, we achieved the first release of Investimental portal, backend and website. They collected feedback, addressed bugs, incorporated new feature requests, and refined existing features.

After nearly a year of continuous effort, the official launch took place.

The feedback was positive. However, the product continued to evolve, necessitating adjustments in requirements and expansions in the feature set.

We then transitioned into the third phase of the project development process: maintenance and support.

Simultaneously, we continue to develop new components and functionalities alongside the existing ones, ensuring a dynamic and iterative approach to product development.

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Custom Web Applications
Back-office Applications
Business Analysis
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Manual Testing
Support & Maintenance
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Tailwind CSS
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