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We built from scratch a web platform focused on the easiness of searching by specific criteria and access from mobile devices.
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Oladent is a Romanian startup launched in 2019 with the mission to become the biggest marketplace for dental services.



Create a marketplace where patients in need for dental services to easily find their best dental clinic.

For patients the best choice can mean reviews of other patients, services, pricing, doctors reviews and of course distance and availability for urgent interventions.

For clinics the platform should be an efficient and important marketing channel and to offer them the possibility to differentiate in the market with their strengths.


We built from scratch a web platform focused on the easiness of searching by specific criteria and access from mobile devices.


Web Platform

 It is basically the frontend of the app, the website where users can view dental clinics and compare their services, reviews and prices.

Administration zone for clinics

Each clinic can manage its public data: services, prices, doctors, image gallery and general description. It is also the module where companies can manage the calendar for available time slots and to respond on received testimonials.

Administration zone for patients

As a patient, you can schedule appointments through the platform and after your visit you can give a rating and a testimonial regarding your experience with the dental clinic.


This is the big administration panel where Oladent content managers can administrate patient and clinic accounts and all the data related with them. Besides that, this backoffice includes different reports about platform content and events.

oladent backoffice scaled 1

Specific Functionalities
Advanced search

In order for patients to easily find the perfect dental clinic for their needs, we built an advanced search. It is easy to use with filters on city and treatments as general options, but also on clinic type, available parking, treatments on insurance, price range, emergency availability and dental services for children.

oladent advanced search

Maps integration

Because the geographical location is a very important criteria when choosing the dental clinic, we built a map view for the search results. The patient can visualize the filtered clinics on the map, near their location.

oladent search results map scaled 1

Dental clinic profile page

Each clinic has a profile page containing detalied information about it, from general description and image gallery, to available treatments, pricing, team of doctors and patient reviews or testimonials. And, of course, here is the entry point to contact or schedule an appointment.

oladent clinic profile page scaled 1

Testimonials page

As a patient you can leave testimonials based on your experience with your dental clinic. You can leave the testimonial with your name or anonymous. Either way, the testimonials are manually reviewed by Oladent editors. In order to be validated, the patients need to introduce their phone number and validate a code received via sms. Another interesting feature is the possibility for clinics to collect testimonials in the clinic, using tablets at the reception connected to an Oladent special page.

oladent testimonials

Schedule a consultation

It is one of the core features of this marketplace having a complex system behind, integrated with calendars or external schedule managers of clinics.

oladent schedule session scaled 1

Mobile first approach

Having most of the users from mobile devices, we decided from the beginning together with the client to have a mobile first approach, meaning all the features and experience to be first designed and optimized for small screens.oladent mobile first

How We Worked

We formed a team of developers specialised on technologies needed for the platform implementation. Besides our contribution on code writing, we offered consultancy on business analysis. The project was developed on an Agile approach with 2 weeks sprints and after 4 months we were able to deploy a first MVP on production.

Based on our marketplace development experience, we contributed with consultancy on specifications and business analysis.

After specifications were ready, a dedicated development team was created by us and together with the client’s Product Owner we started to implement the platform. We worked Agile on a very clear set of specifications and a clear design, thanks to the Oladent UI/UX designer.

The process followed the classic flow with daily stand-up meetings with the development team, Sprint Planning and Sprint Review ceremonies in each sprint. We had a close communication via Slack and kept track of all the backlog with Jira.

After launching, the Product Owner continued to update the backlog with new features, and we continued to work on the project, keeping the team engaged for new implementations.

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