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We developed and continue to maintain a custom portal and online magazine for Wedme.ro, one of Romania's most popular bridal magazines. Utilizing a mix of technologies, we employed Laravel for both the magazine and vendor directory, while maintaining a WordPress CMS for managing posts and categories. Our six-person team dedicated over 3,000 hours to create a responsive, SEO-optimized platform, integrating data from both a WordPress database and external sources via API. Our Agile approach ensured continuous improvement and collaboration with the client, making ControlF5 a trusted partner in this project since its inception in 2017.
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Online Magazine
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Develop & Maintain
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Wedme.ro is one of the most popular online magazines for brides in Romania, being first launched in 2017.

The client approached us a startup back in 2017 with an idea about an online inspiration platform for brides and grooms.



They needed o solution to build a classical online magazine with thousands of articles, but also with a few different types of custom content, generated by a mix of contributors and manually curated by their editors.

Beside the online magazine, the solution had to include a marketplace component with content from different sources.


We built a custom solution with a mix of technologies, using Laravel as main framework for both the magazine and vendor directory, but keeping a WordPress CMS to manage the posts and categories

WedMe Homepage

Frontend Application

Create a frontend application in Laravel, fully optimised for search engines (SEO), using both data from its own database (a WordPress database) but also from an external application via API.


Specific Functionalities
Responsive design

Create a responsive design, compatible with desktop and mobile devices, but with a mobile-first approach.

WordPress CMS

Use the WordPress CMS to manage the magazine content – articles, pages, categories but also the SEO data.

Digital Ocean & Laravel Forge

Host the entire ecosystem in a Digital Ocean cloud infrastructure, easily managed with Laravel Forge.

How We Worked

Being from the beginning in this project and growing together, our contribution here covered many areas, from programming services, user interface design, dev ops, SEO and testing to consultancy in technical and business aspects

During development process, the team was made of 2 backend developers (PHP), 1 frontend developer (HTML, CSS, Javascript), a UI/UX designer, and a QA engineer. The Product Owner was part of the client team, but the Scrum Master was from Control F5.

As we do in every project, we worked Agile, having regular status meetings with the entire team involved in the development process. Ceremonies like Sprint Planning and Sprint Review, but also Sprint Retrospective helped us to continuous improve our workflow and to deliver faster. Slack was our communication tool and Jira the backlog and sprint management platform.

ControlF5 este încă un partener de încredere în proiectul Fotografi-Cameramani. Oferim asistență și întreținere continuă, deoarece proiectul devine din ce în ce mai mare și sunt dezvoltate noi caracteristici.

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