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Web application

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PHP, Laravel, Javascript

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Develop & Maintain

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Confident is a company that provides personal development trainings and psychology services.


Build a solution to automate the registration and sale process of subscriptions for personal development trainings and courses.

Create a custom administration panel to manage all the clients, courses and subscriptions

Automate the selling and all the financial flow: invoicing, cashing, reporting, all that by integrating different external tools and APIs, like Smartbill, Google Spreadsheet API and Sendinblue as a solution to deliver text messages (SMS).


We build a custom booking form where clients could select a course and fill-in checkout information, directly integrated with the website, from each courses page.

The form would save the order in a database and a financial flow will start:

  • Generate a proforma invoice in an external application via API
  • Automatically send it to the client via email
  • After the client makes the payment, an administrator will mark the order as paid and the client will receive a notification
  • The application automatically generates and updates in the background a complex financial report in an external management system via API, with information regarding the clients, orders and payments.

How we worked

The planing and documentation part was our first step. Our software architect and business analyst designed a solution perfectly tailored to the custom need of the client. The output of this was a set of stories described in a Jira backlog and wireframes for the interface.

One full-stack developer programmed all the logic, than a QA specialist did the testing part. After we had a stable version meeting all the requirements, the product was launched and integrated with their existing website.

All the communication between the development team and the client was managed by our Project Manager.


We built a solution for the client that covered multiple aspects of their business, like sales, reporting and financial.

The client was now able to have complete visibility and control over the sold courses and registrations made all in one place through an administration platform.

The integration with the external card payment application made it easy to see the payment statuses. Another integration made with an external accountancy software made it easy to see and generate all invoices and proformas.

For us, the collaboration with Control F5 was the ideal solution for optimizing and automating the process of managing the relationship with the participants in our courses! And this, thanks to our partners from Control F5! Everything online, everything just in time, everything for a friendlier solution in the relationship with each of our clients!

Cristian Cozma - Confident Business Trainning
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