10 Essential Questions To Ask Yourself To Find Out If You Should Outsource

There are people and companies who prefer to create everything from scratch and keep all activities in-house. And there are people and companies who prefer to outsource certain activities because as they feel they grow faster even if they give up some control over certain tasks. Basically, they prefer to outsource activities related to accounting, IT, PR & marketing, and logistics.

Because we are a software outsourcing company we are going to talk about how to know if it is time to outsource and what questions to ask yourself. 


But First, Let’s Remember What Outsourcing Is

As you can see in this story on our blog, software outsourcing is the practice of hiring a third-party company or individual to handle some or all of a business’s software development needs. This can include tasks such as designing and building software applications, maintaining and updating existing software, and providing technical support and assistance.


The Main Questions To Ask Yourself Before Looking For An IT Outsourcing Company

1. Is IT a core competency in my organization? If not, consider outsourcing non-core functions to focus on your core business activities.

2. Are IT costs becoming a burden? Evaluate the costs of in-house IT operations, including salaries, equipment, and maintenance, compared to outsourcing costs. Perform a thorough cost-benefit analysis, considering both short-term and long-term implications of outsourcing.

3. Do I lack the expertise required for certain IT tasks, such as cybersecurity or specialized programming?

4. Am I experiencing rapid growth or seasonal fluctuations in IT demand? Outsourcing can offer scalability to meet changing needs without hiring or laying off staff.

5. How well am I managing IT risks like data breaches or downtime? You can see the attention we offer in this area in the case studies we have written for two projects where there is a continuous need for high security: Fotografi-cameramani.ro – the largest and most popular catalog of wedding photographers and videographers in Romania and E-rovinieta.ro – a payment platform for the online road tax. 

6. Is it challenging to keep up with rapidly evolving technologies? Am I struggling to maintain the quality of IT services or meet service level agreements (SLAs)?

7. Will outsourcing free up resources to focus on innovation and gaining a competitive edge in your industry?

8. How is IT performance affecting customer satisfaction? Improving IT services through outsourcing can enhance the customer experience.

9. Am I finding it challenging to stay compliant with changing IT regulations and standards?

10. Is protecting sensitive data a concern? Evaluate if an outsourcing partner can provide better data security and privacy measures.



Once you decide to outsource, choose a reputable and reliable outsourcing. 

You can find out more about outsourcing and how to choose the right partner from the text: The Bible of Outsourcing: benefits and risks of software outsourcing. How to choose the right partner?

And here you can find a wide selection of case studies from clients we work it.  We have clients from areas such as medical, tourism, financial services, transports, NGO’s, big organizations but also startups, so from our experience of over ten years we know very well what our clients’ fears are and how to overcome them. 

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