Testimonials – What Some Of Our Most Important Customers Say About Working With us

There are clients with whom we have been working for 8-10 years, with others for five, and with others for two years. There are projects on which we work tens of thousands of hours, for others thousands, hundreds or dozens. We treat them all with the same amount of care, and that’s reflected in the feedback we get from those we work with. Below you will find just a few of the comments we’ve heard from some of our most important clients.

Radu Dinescu, Secretary General of the National Union of Road Hauliers in Romania (UNTRR- Uniunea Naţională a Transportatorilor Rutieri din România (UNTRR)

We have been working with the ControF5’s team since 2015 when we started collaborating on the e-rovinieta.ro project, an extremely complex project considering that the traffic on the site is very high, with dozens of orders per minute, and in case of a technical problem, the situation can become extremely unpleasant. Beyond the very good technical skills of the team, the most important thing is that ControlF5 specialists are always responsive, often being there for us during after-hours or when many people are on holiday. We have also worked with the Control F5 team on project such as taxa-de-pod and the UNTRR website. After many years of collaboration, I can say that the people from ControlF5 give us the peace of mind that they can solve even the most unpleasant situations at any time.

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Bogdan Stanciu – Founder & Managing Partner Bit Soft

As a SaaS company, we were in need of expert support to enhance our platform’s functionality. That’s where Control F5 Software came in, and I must say that they exceeded our expectations.

From the outset, their team was highly professional and knowledgeable. They took the time to understand our specific requirements and challenges.

Control F5 provided us with a dedicated team of software developers who worked closely with our internal team to deliver outstanding results. The collaboration was seamless, and their team quickly became an integral part of our own. Their technical expertise was invaluable.

Throughout the project, they demonstrated a strong commitment to efficiency and customer satisfaction. They went above and beyond to ensure that our platform was delivered on time and to our exact specifications.

Overall, I highly recommend Control F5 Software. Their team augmentation and consultancy services have been an invaluable asset to our company, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with them in the future.

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Sebastian Constantinescu – CEO Travel Planner

We have been working together for more than 2 years and during all this time I was very happy with the way we worked together. Most of all, I appreciated the correctness, the proactivity, the seriousness, and the solutions I received. Of course, I would recommend them at any time.

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Florin Vlad – Product Owner Fotografi-Cameramani

Control F5 helped our company from the very beginning when we discussed our business requirements. We have received top notch advice and have perceived Control F5 more like an invested partner in our business, rather than a simple provider of services. Their software development process is well organized and can be adapted per the customers needs. After working with them for such a long time (10+ years already), I know there is nothing they cannot do. Right now our catalogue is the leader on the local market, thanks to Control F5.

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Cătălin Marica – CEO Oladent

Control F5 is the team to work with if you want to keep up to high standards. They have a professional workflow as they stick to results and exceptional quality. They help you with the business logic of your application and they don’t blindly follow on what you’re saying, because they can be really good advisors. This is super important for start-ups. Overall, they have great skills and communication and I am really happy with what I have achieved with them.

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Irina Vasilescu – President, Pe Stop

Control F5 have found a beautifully simple solution to our donation problem. Now donors can easily contribute to our cause with a one-time or monthly donation. The team was very efficient and professional and had the system up and running in only a few days. It was a crucial change for our organization, and since its implementation individual donations have sky rocketed which means we have a stable source of income and can focus on helping those in need.

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Cristina Dinu – Printbucket

Our collaboration was evaluated as superlative, a qualification that puts us in the position to prefer CTRL F5 for our future projects.

Communication: listening to the client, transmission of details, requesting information.

Offer: adapting the offer to the client’s request, the deadline for transmission and confirmation of the offer.

Quality assurance: presentation of the technical specification, satisfying the client’s expectations.

Realization of services: compliance with commitments, project compliance, reactivity, the effectiveness of actions.

Logistics: compliance with the agreed deadlines

P.S. The staff deserves all the appreciation for their efforts.

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Razvan Daba – Eurocomunicare

The project was much more difficult than I expected, much more decisions to make than I initially thought. ControlF5 had one or more solutions for each challenge we had. I enjoyed working with them because they presented different solutions and guided me in selecting the best ones.

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Bogdan Ivanov – CIO NutriCare.Life

I was impressed by the professionalism, the efficiency of our collaboration and the fact that together we identified better solutions than what was initially planned to develop. I liked the transparency, the quality of the service provided and the fact that they had solutions for all my specific needs. You can rely on ControlF5.

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Cristian Cozma – Confident Business Trainning

For us, the collaboration with Control F5 was the ideal solution for optimizing and automating the process of managing the relationship with the participants in our courses! And this, thanks to our partners from Control F5! Everything online, everything just in time, everything for a friendlier solution in the relationship with each of our clients.

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Sorin Costea – Founder, Zoomra

I was impressed with Control F5 excellent customer service and quick turnaround time. They delivered everything as promised.

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